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“He was the Last Emperor” The Wild Heart and the King of Pop – Observations and Inaugurations

The following article was first published as a Note on Facebook in February 2015. Recently I picked up a new biography of Stevie Nicks at my local library. I was curious because I’ve been a fan of Stevie’s career... Continue Reading →

“Hold me like the River Jordan.” Remembering Michael Jackson on the twelfth anniversary of 25 June 2009

In this article, Kerry Hennigan recounts her personal memories of the day Michael Jackson died and the impact it had on her and many others.  She considers the unique nature of the artist and the problems he had in trusting those who envied his fame and success.  In reflecting on what has happened in the twelve years since his passing, Kerry asks what his many devoted fans can do to repay the love and faith Jackson often expressed for them throughout his life.

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“I was happy for him, because he had been through so much; I wanted him to be the King again.” Kenny Ortega on Michael Jackson and “This Is It”: trial evidence, August 2013.

What follows is not an exact transcript of the reports tweeted by ABC7 Courts between breaks in the civil trial proceedings today. Rather I have attempted to group, condense and excerpt some parts of Kenny Ortega's testimony, inserted punctuation, emphasis... Continue Reading →

Finding Michael Jackson in the most Unexpected Places – Yemen, Egypt, Jordan

In his first award-winning travel book "Yemen: The Unknown Arabia" author Tim Mackintosh-Smith relates an incident in 1992 when he visited the port city of Aden, renown for its "great number of bars and other dens of lewdness". Curious to... Continue Reading →

“The whole system sucks” – the unbearable pain of the Michael Jackson fan post Leaving Neverland

The week started like any other, but as it progressed, my blood pressure threatened to blow sky-high! As a fan of Michael Jackson, I had become used to seeing accusatory headlines from various sources crop up on my internet news... Continue Reading →

Michael Jackson fans: defending their idol – a case study in resistance

When the recent documentary “Leaving Neverland” surfaced without warning, Michael Jackson fans behaved as they always have done in leaping to their idol’s defense.  It has been a matter of necessity for them since the 1990s when the first claims... Continue Reading →

Ten years without Michael Jackson – a gathering of fans, June 2019

Fri 28 June in Adelaide, a handful of friends gathered at the seaside to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.

“From a certain point of view” – Michael Jackson and the stories they tell. Who and what do we believe?

Just about everyone knows the scene in the Star Wars movie “Return of the Jedi” when Luke Skywalker challenges the ghostly apparition of his Jedi mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi, saying “You told me Vader betrayed and murdered my father.”  As Luke... Continue Reading →

What about “Invincible”? Revisiting Michael Jackson’s final studio album

In December 2000, an article appeared on MTV’s website which stated: “After years of painstaking recording sessions, Michael Jackson is nearly ready to unleash a raw, energetic new sound on his first album of original material in a decade…” One... Continue Reading →

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