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“Just another part of me.” Michael Jackson’s Disney collaboration Captain Eo. Part 2: the 2010 return – MJ Studies Today, September 2021

Abstract: This month MJ Studies Today continues the discussion of Michael Jackson’s Captain Eo film commenced by Kerry Hennigan in her column for July 2021. This time she looks at the re-opening of Captain Eo in 2010 in response to demand from... Continue Reading →

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“MY-keh-rooh” – Michael Jackson’s persona as celebrated in Japan – MJ Studies Today, August 2021

Abstract: .This month’s MJ Studies Today column looks at Michael Jackson’s relationship with Japan, where his fans have a particular understanding of his nature that is unique to that country.  Kerry Hennigan looks at the qualities exhibited by Jackson that have... Continue Reading →

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“We are here to change the world.” Michael Jackson’s Disney collaboration, Captain Eo. Part 1 – MJ Studies Today, July 2021

Abstract: This month's MJ Studies Today column looks at Michael Jackson’s 3D film Captain Eo made by the Disney Corporation for screening in its amusement parks commencing 1986. Kerry Hennigan looks at the film in the context of its being... Continue Reading →

“Hold me like the River Jordan.” Remembering Michael Jackson on the twelfth anniversary of 25 June 2009

In this article, Kerry Hennigan recounts her personal memories of the day Michael Jackson died and the impact it had on her and many others.  She considers the unique nature of the artist and the problems he had in trusting those who envied his fame and success.  In reflecting on what has happened in the twelve years since his passing, Kerry asks what his many devoted fans can do to repay the love and faith Jackson often expressed for them throughout his life.

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“Keep daring to motivate.” Concerning anniversary reissues of Michael Jackson’s iconic albums, released and anticipated – MJ Studies Today, June 2021

MJ Studies Today for June 2021 looks at anniversary re-issues of Michael Jackson's iconic albums, including Thriller25 and Bad25. But what about Dangerous and HIStory?

“With your pen you torture men.” Michael Jackson, trial by media, cancel culture, and the suspension of presumption of innocence – MJ Studies Today, May 2021

The latest appeal by one of Michael Jackson’s accusers was dismissed by the court on 24 April 2021, but the legal battle to fully reinstate Jackson’s integrity continues, as discussed by Kerry Hennigan in this month’s MJ Studies Today column.  The Jackson Estate are suing for public arbitration with HBO on the latter’s four-hour television film that, in 2019, threatened to put an abrupt end to Jackson’s legacy as an entertainer and humanitarian.

“Have you seen a Ghost?” Insights into working with Michael Jackson as told in “Book on the Dance Floor” by Brice Najar Part 2 – MJ Studies Today, April 2021

Abstract:  This month Kerry Hennigan continues her discussion of Brice Najar’s publication Book on the Dance Floor: Let’s Make HIStory in the Mix  which was previously the subject of our February 2021 column.  In his book, Najar interviews numerous Michael... Continue Reading →

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Michael Jackson’s pivotal role in the history of Super Bowl Sunday’s iconic half time show – MJ Studies Today, March 2021

Abstract: Every year top acts perform at halftime in the American Super Bowl championship football game. This much-anticipated aspect of Super Bowl Sunday owes its status to Michael Jackson’s performance at the 1993 game, held at Rose Bowl Stadium in... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes on Michael Jackson’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” album as documented by Brice Najar in “Book on the Dance Floor: Let’s Make HIStory in the Mix.” Part 1 – MJ Studies Today, February 2021

MJ Studies Today, February 2021 looks at the making of Michael Jackson's Blood on the Dance Floor album via a recent book by Brice Najar.

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