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“This is delicious”: Michael Jackson’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” – Twenty-One Years On – MJ Studies Today, July 2018

Abstract: In this month’s column, Kerry Hennigan looks at the song and video for Michael Jackson’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” which, when released in 1997, displayed a new, aggressive sound and sensual attitude for Jackson.  She discusses the durability of... Continue Reading →


Measuring our lives by the passing of Michael Jackson – how we commemorate him and how we want him remembered – MJ Studies Today, June 2018

MJ Studies Today XXX Issue 4 MJ Studies Today Volume 5 14th June 2018   Abstract: This month, which marks the 9th anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, Kerry looks at how such “seismic” events become milestones for society in general and fans... Continue Reading →

Michael Jackson’s Neverland: Toy Trains and Museum Plans – How the Media Promulgates Confusion Through Selective Use Of Information – MJ Studies Today, May 2018

Abstract: In this month’s column, Kerry discusses the media output on items of Michael Jackson auctioned and how these get distorted to create confusion. What happened to the truth, do we still care, she asks? Sign up for the free Journal... Continue Reading →

Inspired By Michael Jackson – MJ Studies Today, September 2016

Note: this was my first column for the Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, and my first tentative steps towards looking at things Michael from a more analytical perspective.  It has been a very pleasurable learning experience, and I am... Continue Reading →

“I can’t imagine life without him.” Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson – an enduring friendship – MJ Studies Today, April 2018

MJ-Studies Today XXVIII Issue 3 MJ Studies Today Volume 5 14th April 2018 Abstract: In this month’s column, Kerry looks at the friendship between Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. Despite intense media scrutiny they managed to stay friends until the ends of their... Continue Reading →

Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”- the BRIT Awards controversy and performance iconography – MJ Studies Today, March 2018

Abstract: In this column Kerry Hennigan looks at Michael Jackson’s performances of “Earth Song” on awards shows, and specifically the BRITs Awards in 1996 and the controversy that was generated by protests at what some thought of as his depiction... Continue Reading →

“One of the nicest people in the world” – Michael Jackson, Gregory Peck and “To Kill a Mockingbird” – MJ Studies Today, February 2018

Abstract: In this column Kerry discusses the friendship of Gregory Peck and Michael Jackson, their love for art and how ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ plays a significant role in their relationship. Sign up for the FREE membership to access this article... Continue Reading →

The Unheard Songs Of Michael Jackson – An Examination Of Sources, Assumptions And Conclusions On The “Bad” Album And Beyond – MJ Studies Today, January 2018

14th January 2018 Abstract: In this column Kerry examines and questions the amount of songs actually written by Michael Jackson for the release of "Bad". Are they all really recorded, or are they fragments and not yet finished songs? A... Continue Reading →

The matter of Michael Jackson’s artistic legacy – new projects, new releases, original releases or no releases? – MJ Studies Today, December 2017

Abstract: Kerry Hennigan discusses Michael Jackson’s creative legacy and the different, often conflicting views that surrounds it. REFERENCE AS: Hennigan, Kerry. “MJ Studies Today XXIV (14-12-2017).” The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies 5, no. 1 (2017). The Journal of Michael Jackson... Continue Reading →

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