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Feeling and Soul: Michael Jackson and the art of ballad singing Part 1 – MJ Studies Today, October 2020

Abstract: This month’s MJ Studies Today column looks at Michael Jackson’s skill as a balladist.  From his childhood recordings of songs like “Who’s Loving You” to his adult career and material such as “Smile” and “You Are Not Alone”, Jackson’s... Continue Reading →

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#MakingHIStoryAgain – marking twenty-five years of Michael Jackson’s album: HIStory: Past, Present and Future – Book 1 – MJ Studies Today, August 2020

This month’s MJ Studies Today column looks at the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s double album “HIStory: Past, Present & Future – Book 1” and the acknowledgement of the milestone by the fans and the Jackson Estate.

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Shakespeare and Michael Jackson – The Bard after Elizabeth I and the King of Pop after Thriller: challenging popular perceptions – MJ Studies Today, July 2020

Abstract: William Shakespeare and Michael Jackson both cemented their fame with early major successes, work often considered their “greatest hits”; but neither of them stopped creating after that. In this month’s MJ Studies Today column, Kerry Hennigan challenges the popular... Continue Reading →

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“Make it a better place…” Theme for a global crisis – the relevance of Michael Jackson’s Heal the World in 2020 – MJ Studies Today, June 2020

Abstract: In this month’s MJ Studies Today column, Kerry Hennigan looks at the way Michael Jackson’s musical legacy continues to be adopted by various social causes.  She focuses in this instance on the popularity of his song “Heal the World”... Continue Reading →

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“Raw and kinda funky”: Michael Jackson, “Come Together” and the Beatles catalogue – MJ Studies Today, April 2020

Abstract: In this month’s MJ Studies Today column, Kerry Hennigan looks at Michael Jackson’s cover of the Beatles hit song “Come Together”. She discusses the reasoning behind Jackson’s recording of the song, the curious nature of its lyrics, and what... Continue Reading →

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As befits a King: Michael Jackson On the Wall at the EMMA, Finland Part 2 – MJ Studies Today, March 2020

4th March 2020 MJ Studies Today XLVXXI Abstract: In this month’s MJ Studies Today column, Kerry Hennigan continues her reflections on the Michael Jackson On the Wall exhibition as displayed at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art in Finland. In... Continue Reading →

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“Like a Comic Book Adventure Come to Life”: Colin Chilvers on directing Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal – MJ Studies Today, February 2020

Abstract: In this month’s MJ Studies Today column, Kerry Hennigan looks at the recently published book by filmmaker and special effects wizard Colin Chilvers, specifically the chapter that tells the story behind the making of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” short... Continue Reading →

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The Impact of Genius: Michael Jackson On the Wall at the EMMA, Finland, Part 1 – MJ Studies Today, January 2020

Abstract: The Michael Jackson On the Wall exhibition has toured some of the major cities in Europe and drawn crowds in every location. This month our columnist Kerry Hennigan discusses the exhibition as she experienced it at the Espoo Museum... Continue Reading →

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Ghosts, ghouls and zombies: Michael Jackson’s indelible Halloween legacy in the wake of a year of controversy – MJ Studies Today, December 2019

Abstract: In this month’s MJ Studies Today column, Kerry Hennigan looks at Michael Jackson’s continued influence on, and musical dominance of the Halloween season through his Gothic pop pieces like “Thriller” and “Ghosts” and considers the importance of the genre... Continue Reading →

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#StreamingMJ: Songs of love, desire and danger. Listening to Michael Jackson on Shuffle Play – Part 2 – MJ Studies Today, November 2019

  Abstract: This month’s MJ Studies Today is Part 2 of #StreamingMJ – being the examination of songs selected at random by our columnist Kerry Hennigan’s music streaming service.  The songs in Part 2 are from the 1990s and 2000s... Continue Reading →

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#StreamingMJ : Random Songs from the Life of a King. Listening to Michael Jackson on Shuffle Play – Part 1 – MJ Studies Today, August 2019

Abstract:  Fans of Michael Jackson have taken to streaming his music online as a show of support for his legacy, contributing to an increase in his steaming figures for the first half of 2019 according to Nielsen.  In this month’s... Continue Reading →

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Michael Jackson: death hoax conspiracies and the death denial phenomenon – ten years on – MJ Studies Today, June 2019

ABSTRACT:  Since Michael Jackson's passing ten years ago this month, various stories have circulated via social media and the internet claiming that Jackson is still alive and even planning a "comeback".  In this month's column Kerry Hennigan looks at these... Continue Reading →

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Reclaiming Neverland: sourcing stories of Michael Jackson at home as told by his friends and employees – MJ Studies Today, April 2019

Abstract:  In this month’s MJ Studies Today column, Kerry Hennigan looks at resources that tell positive stories of Michael Jackson at Neverland Valley Ranch.  These books present first-hand narratives completely at odds with the negative media that has recently been... Continue Reading →

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Michael Jackson: Judged by a different set of values – the ongoing persecution of a global icon – MJ Studies Today, March 2019

Abstract In this month’s column, Kerry Hennigan discusses the latest Michael Jackson controversy and the ongoing negativity in the media. She asks why it is that Michael Jackson is constantly targeted time and time again. Access the article here:  The... Continue Reading →

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“The Magic, the Wonder, the Mystery” – Perceptions of childhood as expressed in the art of Michael Jackson and in Romantic poetry and children’s literature – MJ Studies Today, December 2018

Abstract: In this month’s MJ Studies Today column, Kerry Hennigan looks at Michael Jackson’s art and beliefs about childhood in the context of the work of some of the Romantic poets and authors from the Golden Age of children’s literature.  She suggests... Continue Reading →

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Blissing the Mind – the art of listening to Michael Jackson without an agenda – MJ Studies Today, November 2018

Abstract: In this month’s column, Kerry Hennigan discusses the importance of remembering to listen to Michael Jackson’s music and watch his videos purely as a fan rather than as a researcher or academic.  She suggests that, with no specific agenda... Continue Reading →

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What about “Invincible”? Revisiting Michael Jackson’s final studio album

In December 2000, an article appeared on MTV’s website which stated: “After years of painstaking recording sessions, Michael Jackson is nearly ready to unleash a raw, energetic new sound on his first album of original material in a decade…” One... Continue Reading →

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Let us eat (birthday) cake – the Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration, Las Vegas 2018

On Wednesday 29 August 2018 the Estate of Michael Jackson and the Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil resident show held its annual celebration of the pop icon’s birthday in Las Vegas.  This year would have been Michael’s 60th... Continue Reading →

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“This is delicious”: Michael Jackson’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” – Twenty-One Years On – MJ Studies Today, July 2018

Abstract: In this month’s column, Kerry Hennigan looks at the song and video for Michael Jackson’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” which, when released in 1997, displayed a new, aggressive sound and sensual attitude for Jackson.  She discusses the durability of... Continue Reading →

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Sources on Michael Jackson – who is worth referencing?

With so many books having been published on Michael Jackson, especially since his passing in 2009, it is necessary for the writer and researcher to sift through the many titles to find sources that – we can hope – are... Continue Reading →

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“You are my special love” Michael Jackson and India – a reciprocal relationship

Recently, when interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine about his autobiography, Andrew Lloyd Weber revealed that he and Michael Jackson both loved the music of A.R. Rahman, and at one point “we found ourselves some very obscure part of Long Island... Continue Reading →

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Michael Jackson and Ancient Egypt: “Remember the Time”, Kerma, Cleopatra and Tutankhamun

One of the most popular exhibits at the Chicago Field Museum in the US is an Egyptian carving that many visitors believe looks like Michael Jackson.  The bust, which is actually of a woman, dates from sometime between 1550-1050 BC,... Continue Reading →

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Michael Jackson and the Stasi – “Bad” in Berlin, 1988 and the “subversive” influence of pop culture

“Between 1949, when Germany was formally divided, and 1961, when the Berlin Wall was built, more than 3 million East Germans "voted with their feet" by moving to West Germany. The East German ruling party never enjoyed popular support, and... Continue Reading →

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“Have You Seen My Childhood?” – Michael Jackson, James Baldwin And Childhoods Lost – Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, November 2017

Abstract:  Though they were active in different decades, the famous American author James Baldwin and international music icon Michael Jackson both believed they never had a childhood.  This article looks at the similarities in their formative years, which influenced the art they... Continue Reading →

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One night in Hollywood – MJ Scream LA, 24 October 2017

To go, or not to go, that was the question I had to answer on receiving an email saying I'd scored a priority ticket to the Michael Jackson 'Scream' event in Hollywood on Tues 24 October, 2017. While it may... Continue Reading →

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“Leave Me Alone” – Michael Jackson and the Elephant Man’s Bones

'Tis true my form is something odd, But blaming me is blaming God; Could I create myself anew I would not fail in pleasing you. If I could reach from pole to pole Or grasp the ocean with a span,... Continue Reading →

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“Let the music tell you what it should be” – Michael Jackson, Vincent Paterson (and me)

It’s a great interview - and I hope every Michael Jackson fan has a chance to listen to it: choreographer and director Vincent Paterson on the MJCast special podcast for Michael’s birthday, 2017. (1) There is so much to enjoy... Continue Reading →

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The ‘Pop Art’ of Michelangelo and Michael Jackson (as defined by LaChapelle)

The website for the UK’s Tate Galleries defines Pop Art as…"an art movement that emerged in the 1950s and flourished in the 1960s in America and Britain, drawing inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture such as advertising, Hollywood... Continue Reading →

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A bitter-sweet sort of agony – On being an MJ pilgrim

Story and Photos by Kerry Hennigan A Michael Jackson pilgrim is what I call a fan who travels the country or the world to visit places relevant to Michael’s life or to attend special events honouring his art and legacy. They are... Continue Reading →

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Michael Jackson, Shiva and the Cosmic Dance

[The similarities in Michael's poem 'Heaven is Here' and the story behind the great bronze sculptures of Shiva performing the cosmic dance have long fascinated me. The photos and video footage of Michael dancing in a raging desert sandstorm from... Continue Reading →

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What is it about ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’? or: Michael Jackson as alpha male

By Kerry Hennigan   It’s the thumping, Latin-infused beat; it’s the grit and growl of Michael Jackson’s vocals; it’s the violent tone of the subject matter; it’s Michael’s sharply defined, mature features in the short film; it’s the ruby red... Continue Reading →

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Celebrating Michael Jackson’s birthday virtually, and what his philosophy can teach humanity – MJ Studies Today, September 2020

Abstract: This month’s MJ Studies Today column looks at some of the virtual celebrations for Michael Jackson’s birthday in the pandemic year of 2020. In addition to providing opportunities for making global connections, the occasion has been a lesson in... Continue Reading →

What is true and what is omitted? Book Review: “Michael Jackson. The Real Story” by Dieter Wiesner with Yusuf Jam

Abstract: Book review: Michael Jackson: The Real Story: An Intimate Look Into Michael Jackson's Visionary Business and Human Side. Dieter Wiesner with Yusuf Jam. Published by KingDoMedia, April 15, 2020. ISBN-13 : 979-8637029488. Paperback edition 290 pages. Kindle and Audiobook... Continue Reading →

Academic Book Review: “The Story of HIStory” by Pez Jax

Abstract: Academic book review by Kerry Hennigan of “The Story of HIStory” by Pez Jax, Forward by Dan Beck.  Sixteen11 Media Group Ltd 2020.  ISBN 978-0-9931780-6-1  Paperback, 242 pages.  Available in both English and French editions. Access the review here:... Continue Reading →

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